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Cute Hairstyles For Kids - The Best School Hair Do Using Luxury Hair Accessories

Cute Hairstyles For Kids - The Best School Hair Do Using Luxury Hair Accessories

Who’s ready to level up their kid’s school hairstyle?

We get it, a lot of actions already happen in the morning. There’s the need to cook breakfast, wake up the family for work and school, clean the little ones, prepare the uniform, and the list just goes on.

Just the thought of it is exhausting enough that most moms (we don’t blame you though), do not have time for styling their kids’ hair. After all, they will just go to school and go home after a couple of hours.

But honestly, who wants boring hair? No one!

So if you want to level up your kid’s school hairstyle and give them a little bit more childhood memory to remember, here are some hair inspiration you can consider. It consists of the famous buns, braids, and more.

Cute Hairstyles For Girls

Crown-Like Mini Braids

Braiding the hair is one of the most common styles you can do to a hair but it doesn’t have to be boring. With your little girl’s hair down, take a small portion of hair in front and braid them. Say hello to that crown-like do.

Fishtail Braid

This mermaid-inspired hairstyle may take time (and skills) but it’s always worth a try. Plus, you don’t need a lot other than a hair elastic. But if you’re feeling extra, don’t hesitate to add a few details, such as a cute barrette.

You can check the video below to learn how you can do a fishtail braid at home:


Braided Low Pony

If you want your little princess to have a clean look, you can use a hair mousse or gel to keep it in place. Brush it gently and start braiding. It’s another easy look that can turn your girl into a trendsetter.

Sophisticated Low Pony

Truly, simplicity is beauty. When you want to give your kid a sophisticated hairdo, all you have to do is part her hair on the side, lift the front of her mane, and tie. Nothing extra is necessary for this look but it doesn’t hurt to use luxury hair barrettes.

Designer Hair Clips

A princess in a modern world, your girl will surely adore designer hair clips added to her low bun or high pony. It’s a win-win situation because all you have to do is pick the right pieces and clip it in. 

school hairstyle using designer hair clips

Low Bun

Perhaps, the easiest of the easiest -- the low bun. While this style looks plain, you should never underestimate it. It keeps your child’s hair out of the way, thus giving her more time to focus on school. Of course, you can always revamp the style and braid it first before turning it into a bun.

Momma’s Top Knot

We know that this is one of the most popular hairstyles of moms not only because you want it; it’s the easiest you can make. It’s pretty though and that’s why your little one likes to have it, too. Gently pull your kid’s hair into a topknot and secure it with a bobby pin or ponytail. 

Pink Statement Bow

Turn a simple ponytail into a stunning hairdo by adding your kid’s favorite statement bow. Whether it’s a pink bow, lilac, red, or white, this statement headpiece will surely give your kid an effortless red carpet look.

Designer Headbands

Of course, if your child is in a hurry or you don’t have enough time to gather clips or perform a special hairdo, having a designer headband does the job. Simply comb your girl’s hair, add a statement headpiece, and that’s it! Your little princess is ready to slay the day.

Which one is your favorite hairstyle?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box below or better yet, join our community for free.

See you there!

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