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7 Classic Jewelry Every Woman Must-Have - From Luxury Hair Accessories To Stunning Diamond Earrings

There are too many jewelries to choose from but did you know that not all are created equal. Some jewels standout that it becomes an icon, a classic piece that every woman should have and if you’re not certain what those are, our list will definitely suit you!

Every woman has her own unique sense of style; some may be into minimalistic outfits while others go for something bold. Whatever your style is, it won’t be complete without the right matching accessories.

Whether you’re attending a special occasion or you’re getting ready for a date night, adding a bold statement can make you look extra stylish in an instant, and this is just one reason why you should start investing in jewelry now.

Classic Jewelry Every Woman Must-Have

Pearl Earrings

Simple yet classy. A pair of pearl earrings is a versatile piece you can wear on almost anything. It’s an everyday earring choice you can flaunt at a party, work, or even at home. It’s the perfect alternative for crystal or diamond earrings when you want to stay low key and laid back.

Diamond Earrings

Diamonds are girl's best friends, so it's no question why you should have one. You just gotta have one. This piece adds a perfect touch when you want to stand out or look stunning on your special event, brunch, or dinner date. 

Casual Watch

Functional and stylish -- isn’t that more than enough to convince that you should keep a nice watch? Other than that, it makes you look sophisticated and confident and no matter what your personal branding or style is, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect piece that will match your style.

Luxury Hair Accessories

Whether these are high-end hair clips or designer headbands, having a collection of hair accessories is a must no matter how long or short your hair is. Not only does it keep the mane away from your face, but it also adds glam to your otherwise plain attire.

luxury hair accessories for kids

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Stylish Bracelets

Sporting an arm candy look is always in so even if you’re already wearing a nice watch, it won’t hurt to add a couple of charm bracelets. After all, it comes in various colors, sizes, and designs so you can definitely find the ones that flatter your look.

A Couple Of Rings (Or More)

Whether you’re a fan of bracelets or not, having a couple of small rings on your finger can level up your attire. These small pieces, if arranged properly, can bring a lovelier outcome. Or if you want to leave a nice impression, you can go for bolder statement rings, such as our Amaryllis Pearl Butterfly Ring

amaryllis butterfly ring for women

Elegant Necklace

Having a long, elegant necklace is a must-have when you want to compliment every attire. It matches perfectly with high necklines or even a simple, white top. It’s eye-catching and easy to wear, too.

You can also consider pearl necklaces, especially when you always have events to attend to and/or a pendant necklace when you want to look bolder yet mysterious.

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See you there! 

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