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We talk: Which are the best kids Hair Accessories and trends

Jayna and Meegan, the faces behind Sienna Likes to Party Accessories, the leaders in Luxury Kids Hair Accessories and jewellery have seen trends come and go in the hair accessory world, however now they are noticing a huge trend towards hair accessories being not just an add on to an outfit,  but  a must have part of your fashion ensemble for everyone from mini fashionistas to the elegant women on the streets of New York

Just a few years ago, the headband and all hair accessories for that matter, were often seen as an after thought, however over the last few years we have seen a huge turn around for the once humble headband, proving it to the biggest hair accessory trend, and one set to stay, thanks to designers on the couture catwalk in 2021.  

The Givenchy couture spring/summer 2019 show, which took place in Paris saw model Kaia Gerber walk the runway wearing a jumbo pearl and diamond encrusted headband.  The Jumbo statement pearl headband took the world by storm featured in Vogue Magazine and Harpers Bazaar and the headband trend has gone from strength to strength ever since.

Jayna and Meegan always keep a keen eye on global fashion trends and use only the most beautiful components to create their objections of beauty!


These are our favourite pieces in our collection that capture this trend for the mini fashionista.

Kaia Gerber wears Givency Jumbo pearl hair band

Buy Jumbo Pearl Headbands online

Shop The Clara Pearl Headband


Designer Pearl Headband by Sienna Likes to Party

Shop The Vida Pearl Headband


There has been a huge move by children to wear hair accessories for every occasion, not just for special ones, be it casual every day, to a party or even at the beach or playing in the garden hair accessories are a way of life.  Mini fashionistas are more than ever exposed to and influenced by their style icons, pop star idols and instagram influencers than ever before.  With hair accessories being one of the key trends of 2021, we see popular stars such as Ariana Grande, Courtney Kardashian, Taylor Swift and even Princess Kate embracing the trend, and the more statement and bejewelled the better! 

Katy Perry wears a crystal crown on the red carpet - Sienna Likes to Party Blog

Adorning the pages of Teen Vogue Celebrity pop sensation Katy Perry wore a crystal hair crown on the red carpet which started whole trend with celebrities at the Met Gala and red carpet events adorning these highly embellished beauties.  Tiaras, always a favourite girls hair accessory, the trend is now completely embedded in the every day wardrobe of the mini fashionistas.

Our favourite crystal hair crowns are a hard act to follow, and we love a dash of amethyst too!

Designer Girls Princess Tiaras by Sienna Likes to Party Kids Accessories

Shop The Czarina Crystal Tiara


Purple girls headbands - The Ophelia crystal hair crown by Sienna Likes to Party

Shop The Ophelia Pearl Headband


Pink crystal hair crown for girls by Sienna Likes to Party - Best childrens accessories.  Worldwide shipping\

Shop The Victoriana Crystal Tiara



The ultimate in pop star icon for girls, Taylor swift is the Queen of the Flower Crown, she is seen on gracing the covers of magazines, on her music videos and on the red carpet wearing flower crowns with her signature boho fashion style.  We now see mini fashionistas walking to school adorning a flower crown!  This trend is no longer just reserved for the flower girl at a wedding.  This is an easy to wear hair accessory with a long hair style or a cute pixie haircut!

Taylor Swift wearing a Flower Crown

From the signature Rose bud flower hair garland to our favourite - The Starr Crystal Flower Garland, flower crowns are definately a huge feature in the Sienna Likes to Party Girls Hair Accessory Collections.

Rose bud designer girls flower hair band - Flower Girl Crown

Shop The Rose Bud Flower Garland


The Starr - Pink Crystal Flower Garland for the Hair by Sienna Likes to Party Accessories

Shop The Starr Pink Crystal Flower Garland


Celebrities wearing butterfly hair accessories 

Butterfly hair accessories and jewelry is eternal!  Forever on the pages of vogue magazine and adorned by Hollywood starlets, butterflies are a favorite with every girl!  From hair clips to headbands, wrist cuffs and necklaces, butterfly collections are always an huge part of the Sienna Likes to Party Collections, with a Butterfly edit all to itself!

Pink Butterfly hair accessories for girls by Sienna Likes to Party

Shop The Wings of Love Hair Clip



Designer Kids Butterfly Accessories - Pink crystal headband

Shop The Wings of Love Headband


The jewelled headband has become a staple for young Hollywood starlets such as long haired raven beauty Jessica Alba, to Natalie Portman with her signature groomed 1950's style hair up dos.  The more embellished and sparkly the better!

Sienna Likes to Party Accessories are the go to for hand made, highly embelished hair adornments.  Because each piece is individually hand made, they make perfect special gifts for girls, a piece that can be treasured forever as well as enjoyed as a fashion statement.

Ariana Grande wearing a hair band

Creating jewelled hair pieces that leave a sparkling impression, is an art!

The Sachi - jewelled headband for girls by Sienna Likes to Party Childrens Hair Accessories


Shop The Sachi Statement Headband


Girls Rhinestone hair crowns - Sienna Likes to Party Kids Hair Accessories

Shop The Joya Girls Hair Band


The fashion world has completely embraced the turban trend, it is now not reserved just for a bad hair day, but a true fashion feature for an outfit.  Celebrities (we all know Courtney Kardashian's obsession with this trend)are wearing this hot trend, and it continues to show on catwalks and through the pages of Vogue Magazine.  This trend has been huge for women through to our littlest bambinis.  The Sienna Likes to Party Turbans, are of course on trend and jewelled, just for something extra, because that is our signature!


Courtney Kardashian wearing a hair turban - Sienna Likes to Party Blog 

Girls Hair Turban - Sienna Likes to Party Designer Accessories for Kids

Shop The Munro Girls Hair Turban


Kate Middleton wearing statement fashion headband

We all love a spot of Royal fashion watching, and Princess Kate's fashion style is second to none! 

We already know of Kate Middleton's penchant for pretty hair accessories, and we have seen her adorning some beautiful statement headbands of late to royal engagements, that are right on trend.  In fact it has been said by Whowhatwhere Blog and many royal watchers, that her headbands are what makes her out outfit and gives shows some extra individuality and personality.

Our new Alya large statement headband is making its first outing and is causing a storm.  It is yet to be launched on line, but the secret is out, it can be ordered in pink or ivory by emailing us directly:


Pink Hair Accessories for Girls by Sienna Likes to Party Accessories

We would love to hear your thoughts and comments about which hair accessories you love for your little mini fashionista, we always love a good fashion chat! 


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