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How To Organize High End Hair Accessories And Jewelry At Home -- Easy And Stylish Tips

Buying high end hair accessories online is exciting; organizing and storing them is not. The task becomes more daunting when you know you’re too busy at home or at work. 

However, since most of us are encouraged to stay at home due to the pandemic, many women have time to finally organize and store their beloved luxury hair accessories, necklaces, rings, and more.

It’s not easy though so if you’re one of those who are planning to face the “daunting task” but you don’t know how, here are some of our easy tips and tricks.

But before that, let us discuss why organizing and storing your jewelry properly is beneficial.

Why You Need To Organize Your Jewelry

  • Having an organizer or storage dedicated for your jewelry lets you find the accessory you need.
  • Storing your jewelry, such as earrings and rings, helps reduce breakages and entanglement. #GoodbyeTangledNecklace
  • Organizing is the best way to divide your hair accessories and jewelry according to your preference. For instance, you want to organize them by color, event, style, etc.

Ideas On How To Organize And Store Your Jewelry Properly

  • Hanging Accessories Using Hooks And Strips 

Gone are the days when boxes are the only choice when it comes to storage; now, you can also hang and display earrings and necklaces in your room. Using hooks and thin strips, you can attach your jewelry to the wall. 

Not only is this space-saving, this also gives you the chance to showcase all your accessories. This way, you’ll know which baubles are often used and which ones were almost abandoned.

  • Balancing Couple’s Room Through DIY Pipe Display

Who would have thought that a plumbing tool can be useful for your jewelry. Not only is a pipe used for conveying liquids, you can also use it to display children charm bracelets, necklaces, and even luxury ponytails.

Other than letting you organize your designer accessories, a pipe can also balance the masculinity and femininity in a couple’s room.

  • Repurposing Boxes For A Ring Collection

little girl wearing white ring and white necklace

    Small vintage boxes do not only add character to an otherwise plain room, it can also serve a good purpose for your trinkets. 

    Your rings, for instance, can be displayed nicely in a small wooden box you've been keeping for a long time. You can also score this from an antique mall or a flea market.

    • Adding Extra Glamour With Decorative Bowls

    Whether you’re too proud with your jewelry collection or you just want to be extra stylish (because why not), you can never go wrong with decorative glass bowls. It holds your rings, bracelets, and even designer hair clips nicely while letting you showcase them at the same time.

    The technique to avoid entanglement or confusion is pretty simple -- allot a bowl for each color, style, or use. 

    • Draping Jewelry Using Home Decors

    The key to an effortless and functional look is to make use of the other decors you have at home, such as a vintage white box or a lamp. For chunky necklaces or bracelets, all you have to do is overlay it nicely over.

    Not only is this a stylish way to display your finest pieces, it’s also functional and surprisingly easy.

    These are just some ideas on how to store and organize your jewelry collections and we know that there’s more. If you have other tips in mind or you just have a few questions, please feel free to drop it down below.

    Thank you!

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