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The Best Valentine's Day Gifts -- Fail-Proof Gift Suggestions For Every Relationship Status

Unless you’re single or you just got a broken heart, Valentine’s is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. It’s the time when lovers are expressing their love in gifts and gestures. However, you should know that it’s not only about couples; it can also be about your family and friends and/or you -- showing some more love to yourself.

And when it comes to Valentine’s gifts, you can never go wrong with jewelry. It’s shiny. It makes someone feel extra special. And it’s almost fail-proof. However, you have to consider a few things first to avoid potential mistakes.

For example, if you have no intention of getting engaged yet, it’s not wise to give a ring to your girlfriend. This can be problematic for some reasons, such as upsetting her if she’s expecting you to propose. But if you’re planning to level up your relationship, popping up the question on February 14 can be a good thing.

The Best Like Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea No. 1 - Charmed Bracelet

Planning to give your little princess something that would melt her heart?

A charmed children’s bracelet is the perfect answer! It never falls out of style, making it the perfect Valentine’s Day gift you can give to your child when you want something that they can always bring. It’s pretty and you can add the best charms you think would fit their personality.

Check out our children charm bracelet collection here.

You can also give a charmed bracelet to your girlfriend to show your commitment. You can have it in gold or sterling silver and to make it more romantic, you can have it engraved and add phrases, such as “You’re Mine” or “I love you.”

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea No. 2 - Necklace

Even the most sophisticated and picky receiver, like your mom or wife, would never say no to a nice piece of necklace. It’s classic and there are many styles to choose from. You can find a neck adornment in gold or silver or the much-loved pearl.

You can also use this as an heirloom you can pass to your children and grandchildren. But if you’re planning this, be sure to choose a jewelry provider that uses high-quality materials to ensure that the product would last for a long, long time.

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea No. 3 - Hair Accessories

Luxury hair accessories are a hit nowadays and we are not surprised. It has the power to turn a simple outfit into elegant attire. For example, put on a black dress and put on any of our designer headpieces and voila, an OOTD that’s red carpet-ready!

Another reason why headbands, turbans, hair clips, and other hair accessories are perfect for Valentine’s Day is because it’s easy-to-wear. That being said, it is one of the best accessories any woman can have. 

valentines flowers on table

For every Modern Queen and Princess, you can give a tiara or a crown. It's a timeless piece that symbolizes many things -- power, confidence, and style, just to name some.

You can go for the usual tones, such as gold and silver or choose something playful and lovely, such as pink or lilac crowns.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Idea No. 4 - Earrings

Want a little treat for yourself?

Then go for a pair of simple pearl earrings. It’s something you can wear when you want to look classy and in style. The best thing about pearl earrings is that it matches any outfit. A black dress, a plain white shirt, a red jacket -- you name it, pearl earrings can match it!

luxury gold earrings for her gift

On the other hand, if you want a bolder look, you can never go wrong with dangle, drop, or hoop earrings. It’s playful and it brings so much character, a perfect start if you want to look more alive and dashing this year.

You can also go for floral or freshwater pearl-inspired earrings and give it to your closest friends, mom, or sisters.

Valentine’s Day Gift Idea No. 5 - Luxury Watches

Because why not?

This gift is perfect for any occasion… and even on regular days when you just want to make them feel special. It’s a gift that can be used for the dual purpose -- design and function.

But like other accessories, you have to consider a few things. For example, if your loved one loves the beach or they spend most of their time by the pool, look for something that’s water-resistant.

If the receiver values aesthetics, a watch with crystals and/other stones would be perfect.

Whatever Valentine’s present you choose, your presence counts the most. So instead of shipping your gift to their doorstep, give it to your family, friend, or significant other in person.

Wishing you love and peace this coming season.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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