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The Ultimate Bridesmaid Duties Guide [Part 2] - Tradition And Roles Of Bridesmaids Before, During, And After Your Wedding Day

In Part 1 of The Ultimate Bridesmaid Duties Guide, we talked about the history of bridesmaids -- how it started, the tradition, and more. We also covered some of the traditional attire that the female attendant.

In this post, we’ll share more details on what you can wear on the big day and the duties and responsibilities that you are expected to do before, during, and after the wedding.

The Ultimate Guide For Bridesmaids

Traditional Attire For Bridesmaids

Go For Classic White

While white (or ivory) is not the only option you have for the bridesmaid’s dress, this color definitely doesn’t go out of style, and Pippa Middleton is here to prove it. Back when Kate Middleton had her wedding in 2011, her sister wore a controversial matching white form-fitting gown. 

While you can copy this concept (as long as the bride permits), you can create an updated look by adding more texture and/or tones to your gown. For example, one can go for a sequined dress while the other lady can choose another shade of white, such as eggshell, vanilla, or cream.

Sequin Dresses

In light of the statement above, don’t be afraid to shine on the wedding day. As long as the dresses would complement the gown of the bride, it’s okay to add embellishments on your wedding outfit, too.

As for the sequined look, gold, navy, rose gold, and black are the most popular shades.

Your Role As The Bridesmaid

Being a bridesmaid is more than just showing up on the big day, wearing a stunning bridesmaid dress and wedding hair accessories; it’s about being there for the bride. Although it’s not as literal as being the servant anymore, it would help if you can do these things for the bride:

  • Buy Your Own Bridesmaid’s Dress

While some couples shoulder the entire or half of the cost, in most states, it’s the bridesmaid’s responsibility to purchase her own dress. However, some factors are often considered, such as employment status, lifestyle, age, etc. 

According to The Knot, the entire cost of the ensemble is expected to be covered by the bridesmaid, even the bride traditionally chooses the style of the dress and/or the accessories.

For more tips on who should pay for a bridesmaid dress, you can watch the video below:


  • Plan And Pay For The Bridal Shower

Oh, the daunting task of spending. We get it, honestly. But as part of the bride’s entourage, the maid or matron of honor, together with the bridesmaid, should not only contribute ideas but also cash to make it happen.

If you’re on a tight or limited budget, be honest about it. While we’re all about making the bride and the party happy, it should not leave us broke. There are a lot of Bachelorette parties on Pinterest that you can use as inspiration and most of which won’t require a lot of cash.

  • Attend All The Rehearsals And Pre-Events

This includes the wedding rehearsal, bachelorette party, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, and of course, the wedding itself. Unless it’s a life and death situation, put effort into being present (physically and mentally) on all these occasions.

Of course, there are a few considerations, too. For example, you’re pregnant or you’re a brand new mom and you can’t just leave your little one alone, then you can excuse yourself from a bachelorette party. It’s also understandable if you’re a plane away or the bridal shower conflicts with a medical examination, a marathon you’ve been training on, and the like.

  • Attend The Wedding

As stated above, be sure to be present on the big day itself. Out of many friends and relatives, the bride and the groom have, they chose YOU. So it’s just fair to expect your presence on the wedding day.

Also, don’t just be present physically; be part of the party, too. That said if it’s time for some games and dance, get ready to participate and bust a move.

  • Lend An Ear

Before, during, or even after the day of the event, be sure to lend an ear to the bride. Wedding preparations are really stressful so expect a few rants from the bride about their groom, in-laws, wedding suppliers, and other things.

Make sure to give them the comfort they need as this can be one of the priceless gifts you can give to the wife-to-be. A glass of wine can help, too!

  • Help Choose The Bridal Dress And Wedding Hair Accessories

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be with her all the time she visits a bridal boutique. If she asks your help or she just wants you to join her, get ready to lend a helping hand.

Lucky you, you don’t have to always go out when choosing the best designer headpieces. You don’t even have to meet physically; just go online, Facebook or Skype your best girl, and check out our Bridal Collection together.

And oh, speaking of wedding hair bridesmaids accessories, you can see our collection below:

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  • Lend A Helping Hand For A Few Wedding-Related Tasks

While the bride and the groom can’t oblige you to create the invitation, it won’t hurt to let them know if you’re free to do something, like assemble the wedding giveaways or invitation. 

  • Give A Wedding And Bridal Shower Gift

Giving two gifts can burn a hole in your wallet but you can always adjust the amount per gift. Being generous doesn’t always mean showering lavish gifts; as always, it’s the thought that counts.

Another idea is to chip in with the other bridesmaid so you can give a group bridal shower and/or wedding gift.

  • Speak At The Party

Maid of honors are expected to give a wedding day toast while bridesmaids can also prepare a speech for the bride, especially if the bride asks you to do so. Perhaps, they’ll advise you about this before the rehearsal dinner so in case you’re anxious about public speaking, you can let them know right away.

We hope that this post has enlightened you about your role as a bridesmaid. If you have any questions or comments or you want to share your styling tips, please feel free to drop it below.

You can also share this article to help your girlfriend who’s planning for her big day.


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