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5 Closet Essentials You Need To Own Now + Tips To Revamp With Wardrobe Staples

Only a few months left before we start a new year and as most of us always say, “New Year, New You!”

You may be thinking of things that you want to change -- old habits, your morning routine, your style. Whatever that is, did you know that it’s not too early to start some of it now?

In today’s post, we will talk about revamping your wardrobe and adding the latest closet essentials you should not miss.

three big pastel colored bows for kids

Tips When You Want To Upgrade Your Style On A Budget

Updating the wardrobe has always been fun and therapeutic, at least for some people; however, it’s also time-consuming and expensive. 

But don’t worry, we have three tips that you can consider when you want to upgrade your style on a budget.

Tip #1: Write A List

Writing has always been a huge help, whether it’s about budgeting, goal setting, and even wardrobe planning.

When revamping your wardrobe, create a list of what you need, such as casual shirts, designer headbands, denim pants, etc. This will help you avoid buying clothes you don’t need, which is good if you want to save time and money.

Tip #2: Mix And Match

While it’s a good idea to buy something that could go with almost everything you own, it won’t hurt to find a piece that you can mix and match with your other essentials.

To make it easier, you might want to consider neutral-colored-wardrobe essentials. Not only is it always in style, but it also complements almost everything. 

Tip #3: Invest In Wardrobe Staples

By definition, these are the things “you need to have in your wardrobe.” These are the types of clothes and accessories you should own, such as the little black dress, quality denim, and go-to earrings.

Considering that it will be used tons of times, it’s just fair to consider investing in it. This can actually help you save money as quality pieces won’t suffer from wear and tear right away. And speaking of wardrobe staples, here are the top pieces your wardrobe should not miss!

Top Closet Essentials You Should Own Now

The Little Black Dress

The famous LBD -- it’s that one staple you should not miss as it’s a great key to leaving an impression whether on a special occasion or casual days. It’s easy to dress up and it matches almost any style you want -- chic, business, rugged, your choice!


Pumps go with almost everything -- dress, boho pants, and even a pair of skinny jeans. It gives a look that won’t disappoint and it’s the perfect shoes for a quick catch up, at work, or a special occasion. This is the key to effortless style!

Designer Headbands

Regardless of your skin tone and age, wearing designer headbands can make you look flattering and stylish in an instant. It can also be paired almost anytime, anywhere. Just be sure to stick to a color that’s neutral but you can always go bold and choose hues that would pop, such as lilac and pink.

lilac designer headband for kids

lilac designer headband for kids

white designer headband for kids

Statement Bag

Who can leave the house without a bag? A nice purse is crucial for a perfect job interview, a date night to remember, or a fun me-time. It’s a stylish way to carry all your other essentials so this goes without saying. You need it!

Quality Denim

A pair of really good jeans can really get you far. You can dress it up or down, any style you want. You can pair it with almost any top you want to achieve your desired look but be sure to consider a few things first, such as your height and figure.

Did we miss anything? What are your top 3 wardrobe must-haves?

Feel free to share your tips and comments below!

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