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Meet The Designer: Meegan Rupe Of Sienna Likes To Party

In every successful brand is the unending dedication of successful business owners, and we truly believe that.

Here at Sienna Likes To Party, we believe that our work doesn’t end even after 5, 10, or many years. 

Passion, innovation, and continuous improvement are the most important things to remember when you want to start and build a brand that many people will love. And of course, having fun is a vital ingredient to keep it going.

In this post, we will learn more strategies on how to start a luxury jewelry line, such as Sienna Likes To Party from one of its beloved designers, Meegan.

Meet One Of Sienna Likes To Party's Designers

Owner and Designer Name: Meegan Rupe

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Children: One son - Jacques, and one step daughter, Courtney.

Top Three Tips To Balance Work And Family Life

Being in your own business, and being so passionate about it, it can be easy to fall into the trap of heading towards working 24/7 and throwing myself entirely into my work.

I know I have always tended to be guilty of that in the past... so many ideas come into my head constantly as a creative, I am always anxious to put all of the ideas into action, and be a perfectionist with it, which if I let it can start to overlap into my family life.

Over the years in my career in the fashion industry, I have learned that your work is never done!

1. I believe that it is always important to be present in the here and now and do the very best to give that moment your very best focus and attention, whether it be with your family, friends, or your business. 

Time passes by quickly, particularly when it comes to family, so it is important to appreciate every moment.

2. I am lucky to have such an amazing business partner in Jayna, I think that over the last 10 years, we have learned to read each really well. We have traveled the world together, stayed in the same hotel rooms together in the very early days. We have been through thick and thin together in creating our brand. 

So we are great at taking the load for each other when we need to. We both have a love for our business, but also have an understanding that family is incredibly important. We have our own roles within the business and know that we can count on each other which is important in your own business.

When Did Sienna Likes To Party Start And What Inspired You To Start This Business?

Jayna and I began Sienna Likes to Party 10 years ago. Both of us have been in the fashion industry for a long time. For me, I was born into fashion, with my parents being in the business also.

My career has been in Fashion Design, Fashion Buying, and Fashion marketing and merchandising and production internationally for both my own brands and multinational fashion businesses.

I had decided after over 20 years in the fashion business, that I would take all of the skills and knowledge that I had learned over this time, and also my extensive supply and production base knowledge to create Sienna Likes to Party in a product segment, which at the cheap end of the spectrum is flooded, but in the high end and bespoke part of the market had significant opportunities.

It was a chance meeting with Jayna through mutual friends and some catch-ups and discussions over time that we eventually came together and took the bull by the horns and began our business…….we have never looked back.

What Are Your Inspirations When Creating Hair Accessories?

I am a magpie, I am always collecting shiny things! Vintage laces, beautiful fabrics, and adornments. Jayna and I are lucky to work with the most incredibly talented craftspeople who make each piece of our product by hand…..from scratch.

Some individual pieces can take up to 7 hours to make. It is incredible to watch such a skill.

Over the years Jayna has worked together with our team very closely to create every collection, down to the selection of every fabric, bead, diamante, or crystal, it is a fantastic process that we have developed and calls on all of our design and creativity.

Every detail is thought about in each piece.

We are inspired by making beautiful pieces for the “Modern Princess”, to bring magic, joy, and beauty to the everyday.

We take a sprinkle of boho vintage and a little Victorian style, along with often a modern take, to create our Sienna Likes to Party signature style.

We work on collections that always co-ordinate, not always matching, but hair accessories and jewelry that work together to create beautiful finishing touches. 

What Is Your Most Favorite Sienna Likes To Party Accessory You’ve Made?

Mmmm, that's a hard one, I think maybe The Magical Fairy Princess Crown.

magical fairy princess crown designer headband

This was one of our most detailed and elaborate pieces at the time but is now proven to be a huge success as a style and been the catalyst for many styles of a similar elk, understanding that our customers look to us for elaborate and princess-like pieces, that are completely unique and allow them to stand out in the crown.

How Do You Keep Up With The Latest Trend?

Although Sienna Likes to Party has its own signature style, I am constantly keeping up with the trends.

Jayna and I usually travel a lot, and this gives us the opportunity to always stay on top of the latest. I can always be found in fabric markets, in fact, any market including antique markets, as they are full of inspiration.

I look at street style everywhere I go and also closely follow fashion forecasting, social media, and fashion magazines of all kinds.

What's Your Advice For Inspiring Designers?

It's a tip that I think aspiring designers always get, but often lose sight of after a while!

Stay true to your style, your vision, and your game plan. It is often easy to stray when others try to push and pull you in different directions.

Listen, but always take things back to your beliefs and goals for your brand and aesthetic.

Amazing, amazing tips and life lessons from Meegan, and I know that you learn a lot from this.

For more updates on our designers and their inspiration, please follow our official Instagram account.

Thank you!

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