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8 Kid Fashion Bloggers We Love + Tips On How You Can Dress Your Child Like A Pro

Kids are naturally adorable and who would have thought that we can draw inspiration from them in terms of fashion. Don’t believe us? Just browse Instagram and see how many little ones are runway-ready.

We’ve also created a list of our top fashionistas — these little ones truly know how to mix and match things up. With the help of their fashion-inclined moms, there’s no doubt that these children are party-ready all the time!


These kids are born to style and stand out. *wink


With more than 18k followers (and counting), this young princess can rock a skirt and pants without a hassle. Thanks to her stylish mom, @cellajaneblog and of course, her very own confidence, she manages to look camera-ready all the time. We love the variety of her outfits and how she poses like a star.


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😍😍 wearing @j.crewcuts

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Beautiful eyes, stunning taste in style. This little fashionista can look sophisticated even while wearing a simple white shirt. We adore her dresses and how she exudes herself like a real queen. Also, we love how her blonde hair matches any headpiece, such as the one shown below.



What’s not to love about this little fashionista? She may be too young but that doesn’t stop her from expressing herself through fashion. Not only can she slay any attire but also, we like how she puts her heart into it like a star. Whether it’s a fairy dress, a trench coat, and an all-black get up, this girl can make Miranda Priestly proud.



Is it just us or is this little girl born to stun everyone? Pretty eyes, pretty style. There’s nothing not to like about. We especially adore how she looks in all outfits. I bet her wardrobe is every mom’s wish list for their little girl.


“Don’t be basic” — this two-year-old knows how to be extra at an early age. Not only does she have a wardrobe to die for, she also knows how to carry each piece with confidence and fierce. We love how she transforms herself over time and we expect to see more of her style in the future.



True to its name, anyone would love to see these little girls’ trendiest attires. They may be young but it’s never too early for them to walk the runway. Matching dresses, awesome turbans, black blazers -- these are the things you never thought but would secretly want to have for your child


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Big shout out to my little ladies! ❤️ Yesterday they sat at a luncheon for @tlcforkids with all adults and listened to everyone speak of in palliative children plus had a tour of the new ambulance. They asked lots of questions and said “mummy we really have to help and we are so lucky” ❤️ I was so proud of them! I hope all these moments stick with my girls and they stay humble and caring always! ❤️ Also for all the questions regarding the girls dresses they are @marlo_kids 🙌 Gigi’s is an older style but they have some great new designs in time for Christmas! 🌲❤️ * * * * * #sistersforever #girlsdresses #lacedresses #girlsstyle #girlsfashion #preteen #kidsblog #kidfashionista #kidsfashionblogger #marlokids #myperfectview

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Bold and exceptional -- that’s what this young girl is about. We love her simply because her fashion is fearless and remarkable. It’s impressive how she manages to mix and match striking colors that no one would dare to try and guess what? She pulled it off every style.


The little boss! We adore how she looked fierce and awesome in all her OOTD. She’s confident and a badass (in a good way), especially when she wears her trademark jacket and beanie. She’s one proof that you don’t need to be extravagant in your clothing. All you need is the attitude to rock the style.


Tips When Dressing Up Your Kids

If you’re planning to upgrade your kid’s wardrobe next year, here are a few tips we have in mind:

Consider Comfort All The Time

Stilettos are classy and party-ready but you should consider your child before you let her wear one. Sure, she’d look good but you should not compromise her comfort and safety for the sake of style.


Whether your kid is planning to go casual or invited as a flower girl, the easiest way to get level up her attire is to accessorize. Add a designer clip or headband and your pretty princess is good to go!

And, speaking of flower girls, here are two style guides you should not miss:


The Ultimate Flower Girl Guide [Part 1]: From Flower Girl Tradition To The Best Flower Girl Dress, We Got It All Covered!

The Ultimate Flower Girl Guide [Part 2]: From Flower Girls’ Roles To Flower Girl Dress + Accessories, We Got It All Covered!

Get Your Kid Involved 

Sure, you’d love to see her wear frills or a tutu but before you purchase anything for her, let your kid decide whether she likes it or not. Of course, if she’s very young, like 4 or 2, that’d be a different case. However, if she’s over 5, you can ask her what color she liked or if there’s an article of specific clothing she wants to have.

Don’t Buy Something She’ll Only Use Once

For the sake of ‘gram, most people would rather NOT wear the same outfit twice. But that’s not practical. Also, that’s not even against the rules of fashion. Therefore, the next time you shop for your kids' attire, consider a piece that you can wear more than once. 


Learn the art of mix and match. 


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