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The Top 10 Developmental Benefits Of Dress-Up Play For Girls

The Top 10 Developmental Benefits Of Dress-Up Play For Girls

No matter how old your girls are, dressing up and roleplaying will always be two of the most exciting activities. Whether they want to dress up like a Disney princess, a famous online character, or Tinker Bell, her brain (and confidence) develops as she puts herself in someone else’s shoes. 

For most of us, it looks like nothing but a play but when a child puts on a costume and imitates someone else, it benefits her in more ways than one. Many aspects are developed, such as physically, emotionally, socially, and of course, mentally.

Developmental  Benefits Of Dressing Up

Increases Communication And Vocabulary Skills

Every time your little girl puts on a Rose Bud Luxury Girls Halo or wears her favorite tiara and speaks like the character she wants to portray, she does not only become better at speaking, she also expands her vocabulary. 

You might even hear her say words you never thought she knew, thanks to the TV shows or clips she’s watching. Now, she can use these new words while roleplaying.

Develops Brain And Memory

Whether they are trying to imitate you while cooking and preparing the groceries or acting like their favorite cartoons, they are pushed to recall the things that they’ve heard or seen. That being said, make-believe plays an integral part in enhancing your child’s memory and overall brain development.

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Boosts Critical Thinking And Problem-Solving

Whenever your child participates in pretend play, there are different scenarios available and these help your girl to resolve any issues in the soonest possible time. For instance, she’s Wonder Woman; how is she going to save the world? Is she going to fly to save the kitty from the tree? What superpower will she use to defeat the bad guys?

Enhances Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are developed during minor activities before the actual play, such as wearing the timeless Sadira Pearl Necklace, buttoning her dress, putting on her crown.

little girl wearing snow white costume

Meanwhile, pretend play enhances large motor skills, such as when dancing, jumping from the bed, or running in the backyard.

Helps In Emotional Development

Kids are innocent and more or less, they are not aware of many things, such as real-life accidents or violence. As a result, there’s fear in almost everything -- an insect, a scary cartoon, etc. 

However, with pretend play, your little girl can overcome fear or helplessness. This activity helps your child when it comes to emotional development as they imagine different scenarios. 

Interesting Watch: Want to shine like a real princess? Watch the video below:

Encourages Empathy

As your child plays a different role, she’s putting her entire self in somebody else’s shoes. For example, she’s a firefighter saving people inside a house, a nurse who takes care of an old patient, or a mom cleaning the house. Whatever role she’s playing, it helps her realize the situation of different people.

Promotes Socialization

Your girl has to deal with different kids during pretend play and that involves cooperation and socialization. She needs to learn how to communicate with her playmate and take turns. In this learning process, your child does not only learns how to socialize but also to develop an interest in other people.

Strengthen Imagination

Imagination is important to children because of many reasons. For one, it develops social and cognitive aspects. It also helps them solve problems creatively and easily. It also develops emotional strength, intellectual growth, and most of all promotes self-confidence.

Whether your child is dressed up as a football player, Moana, or any character she likes, her imagination is tickled and to her, there’s no limit as to who and what she can be.

Foster Gender Exploration

In line with the statement above, roleplaying allows your kids to become what they want to be. This lets them explore various behaviors and roles of people or other characters.

While most girls wanted to become a princess dress up, a flower girl, or a mom, there’s nothing wrong with kids who want to delve into other gender roles. What’s wrong is when a little lady has been ridiculed for roleplaying the opposite gender. 

Improves Imitation Skills

What children see, children do -- and pretend play only strengthens your kids’ imitation skills. When they dress up and get involved in a dramatic role-play, they start to imitate another person or character’s actions, voice, and style. 

This is not only fun but also, it lets them learn more about the situation, the individual they are portraying, and how the other characters would react to it. For example, your girl played Maleficent and since the character is strong and scary, other kids will act as if they fear her. Now, this lets your child understand what to do and NOT to do in real life to avoid problems with other people. 

These are just some of the surprising benefits dress-up play and roleplaying.

What other advantages do you have in mind? Does your kid like pretend play? Who’s her favorite character?

Don’t forget to share your thoughts and stories below.

Have fun!

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