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What are Flower Girl Duties?


Above all, the duties of a Flower girl are to look cute and adorable!  Having a flower girl is optional, but a nice way to make a favourite little person feel part of the special day.

Her main role is to walk down the aisle in front of the bride or maid of honor, in front of the ring bearer (if there is one), carrying a basket and dropping rose petals as she walks, other alternatives include wrapped candies or confetti.  Other modern departures from these options are carrying a pomander or blowing bubbles!

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Flower girl duties can also include helping the bride on her way to the alter, asking for a wish from guests in attendance at the wedding, and picking up flowers or petals in order to scatter them on and around the bride.


What are flower girl duties - blowing bubbles at the wedding
There is no set number of flower girls that have to be at a wedding reception.  The number of flower girls can depend entirely on how many bridesmaids are present.

The flower girl role has traditionally been reserved for toddlers and little girls, modern weddings have seen a real turn around to this tradition.  Some couples ask their grandmothers to serve as flower girls, others train their dogs to walk down the aisle with a bouquet, there is really no rules and no limits to the modern day flower girl role.

Cute puppies and dogs make great flower girls or part of the bridal party

One of their main jobs is to help out by carrying either a single rose or one of the smaller bouquets during the ceremony as it progresses.
It is often a nervous time for a little flower girl, understanding her duties and memorising the order of procedings.  To minimise the pressure, the bride should have some time in advance of the wedding with the flower girl to explain the flower girls duties.  The parents should continue to follow up with pep talks and rehearsals.

What is the flower girl role at a Wedding, what the bride should know before the wedding

A great idea is to have a buddy system.  Having two flower girls pairing up and walking down the aisle together side by side, or partnering the flower girl with the ring bearer.  Partnering can add to their confidence.  Also there is no limit to the age of a flower girl, if you are thinking of a younger flower girl, then it is absolutely ok, to ask a parent to walk down with them to help throw the petals.

Cute flower girls and their role on the wedding day for the bride 

It is a good idea to arrange to have the follower girl attend the shower or the bridesmaid lunch, to boost her comfort levels.  Seeing friendly, familiar faces on the big day will help to relax and ease anxiety.
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Also keep on hand some little treats such as small toys or sweets, to keep their energy up and help occupy them before the wedding begins.

Either way, the natural cuteness of a flower girl and the natural charm and spirit that she brings, whether she stays to her role or slightly puts her own sweet twist on it, the flower girl will surely be a hit at your wedding and create beautiful memories.

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