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How To Style Designer Headbands On Sale At Home - Fun Quarantine Activities

A lot of things have happened due to the global pandemic this year and because of these, most of us are encouraged to stay at home. Now, if you’re someone who’s used to going out and dressing up, it might be more frustrating than fun.

After all, most of us are only used to wearing messy buns, loose shirts, and casual pants at home. But did you know that you can still stay stylish even when you’re inside? We mean, why wait for outdoors like when you can look extra at home?

Don’t forget, looking good means feeling good so if you’re up to the challenge of making your stay-at-home experience fashionable and worthwhile, this post is for you!

Make Wearing Headband More Fun At Home

We’re all used to wearing headbands and nothing more. It’s not a surprise though because this versatile accessory can turn a simple look into a sophisticated one.

Even with your hair down, it seems like this wonderful headpiece can make you look festive and a delight. Take a look at our favorite celebrities and how they slay the red carpet with designer headbands. 

Considering this, you might realize how easy it is to look posh at home. All you have to do is place the designer headband on sale on your crowning glory and let it do the trick.

It’s that simple but of course, you can always make it look ten times better!

big pink ribbon for kids

Mix, Don’t Match!

Mixing and matching accessories have always been a rule when it comes to fashion but truly, the sky’s the only limit.

Gather all your jewelry and pick the ones that match your mood that day. Don’t worry if the colors are contrasting; what matters is that you’re having fun.

So now, instead of just wearing a headband, you can seize your day look at home with a few accessories.

And oh, don’t forget to take a snap and share it on your social media accounts and make someone’s day brighter!

Play Around Makeup

We all have this favorite shade of lipstick so why wait for a couple of months if you can wear it now.

Whether it’s nude or bright red lipstick, we know that you can pull it off better if you match it with a headband.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. You can watch a few YouTube videos for inspiration or just have fun with zesty colors, like green or pastel.

You can also complete your look by adding a light or translucent nail polish for a perfect Instagram shot.

Add A New Hairstyle

As mentioned, most of us wear a headband with our hair down but it never hurts to try a designer headpiece with another hairstyle.

If your sister or mom has free time, you can ask them to style your hair for you. Perhaps, an inspiration from YouTube or Pinterest might help!

But in case you’re alone, you might want to try learning fishtail braiding yourself. It’s a skill you can use later on anyway.

luxury hair accessories for kids

Whatever hairstyle you choose, be sure to pair it with a cute headband for women and watch how you transform an ordinary look to an extravagant one.

Once you master this, don’t forget to share your talent to Facebook or TikTok and who knows, this stay-at-home experience might be the start of a new career as an influencer.

Do you have other tips on how to wear headbands at home? If yes, feel free to share it in the comment box below!


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Thank you!

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