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Meet The Designer: Jayna Lala Of Sienna Likes To Party


Every successful brand has its own humble beginning and we, too, have a story to tell.

In this post, let’s hear from Jayna Lala, one of Sienna Likes To Party’s designers as she revealed tips on how to balance motherhood, work, and lifestyle. 

We will also talk about what inspired her to start the business and her favorite piece from the brand.

So if you’re excited, sit back, relax, and start reading.

Meet One Of Sienna Likes To Party's Designers

Owner and Designer Name: Jayna Lala

Location: New Zealand 

Children: Sienna 

Top Three Tips To Balance Work And Family Life

  1. It is really important each day to take some time for yourself, that could be doing some exercise you enjoy in the morning that clears your head before you start your day. 
  2. Love what you do and organically it is a bit easy to balance work and family life, a happy you create a happy family. 
  3. I feel it is imperative to make time and spend quality time with your family. Learn how to totally switch off from work for the day when you are with them! 

When Did Sienna Likes To Party Start And What Inspired You To Start This Business?

Sienna Likes To Party started in 2011 and was inspired by identifying a gap in the market for the style and type of accessories that our brand is now known for. 

There was not much in the way of beautiful hair accessories or jewelry available that was unique to buy for my daughter Sienna. I always felt that when you invest in an accessory it should make you feel special and you should feel joy each time you look at it whether it is for a child or adult. 

Click this link and get inspired with Meegan Rupe's tips for aspiring designers.

What Are Your Inspirations When Creating Hair Accessories?

It is not hard to find inspiration but it can be challenging sometimes to achieve everything as time is a factor. Our creative process is inspired by our travels, vintage fabrics, and gorgeous materials such as pearls, diamantes, and cut crystals that we embellish our designs with. 

We also think about what young girls and women want and how they should feel when they wear a piece of Sienna Likes To Party!

designer mouse ear headband for baby girl

classy designer hair accessory for girls

queens fix crown quote

What Is Your Most Favorite Sienna Likes To Party Accessory You’ve Made?

To be honest, that is hard to choose as I love them all, we only go ahead with our designs if we feel passionate and love them. You feel a personal attachment to each accessory, I even remember each of their names even from past collections!

Inspiring reminders from one of Sienna Likes To Party’s designers! If you’re looking for more tips and motivations, be sure to stay updated by following our official social media accounts.

Thank you!

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