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Must-Have High End Hair Accessories For Winter

Oh, a few more days and it’s Christmas… the season of giving is finally here! And while we’re all excited for the coming festivities, we can’t help but notice the bittersweet results of winter mornings.

Like most of us, we wake up with frizzy, unmanageable hair and there’s no easier way to resolve this than to put it into a messy bun. That will surely make life simpler but it’s not going to be healthy and not to mention, fashionable in the long run.

Tying hair for a long time, especially when it’s extremely tight causes damage to the hair and its roots but don’t worry, we got you covered!

Below are tips on how you can stay fab all throughout the chilly winter months while keeping your tresses damage-free!

High End Hair Accessories You Can Use This Winter

Pastel Freshwater Pearl Clips

Instant fabulous hair in a minute, no wonder why freshwater pearl clips are a girls’ best friend! It’s not only easy to use, it can transform your morning messy hair into a masterpiece in no time. It’s the perfect “woke-up-like-this” accessory to match your sophisticated IG feed.

Don’t believe us? Check this for inspiration.

pastel hair colored set

How To Style:

The best thing about freshwater pearls is that it goes to almost any hairstyle, whether you’re planning to tie your hair or not. If you’re going to another hair bun (in case we can’t stop you), you can put 2-3 high end gold hair clips on  one side of your hair or if you’re going to let it down, you can put 1 on each side.

Huge Lilac Bow

Other than the gifts, we know what we’re all waiting for this season is to showcase our style. So don’t hesitate to get extra fab wearing a huge bow! Surprisingly, it’s not as complicated as you think. It’s not everyday we wear massive lilac hair bows but it can actually complement your style whether it’s for a special occasion or a casual meetup.

matching lilac big hair bow

big lilac hair bow

How To Style:

Add an extra chic vibe to your neutral outfit by wearing a pink or lilac bow (or any color of your choice. If you’re planning to look red carpet-ready for a special date night or gathering, you can simply let your hair down and put the bow on one side of your hair. 


The quickest way to conceal unruly hair is to top it with a beret. This all-time favorite headpiece can turn a regular attire into a festive one. It’s functional, too! It’s the best way to keep yourself (or at least your head) warm while looking all dolled up! 

How To Style:

The best thing about beret is that you can inject your style, whether you’re super girly or not, in it. If you want a chic vibe, just create voluminous waves and finish it with a beret. You can also flaunt your straight hair and look effortlessly stunning with this headpiece. As always, complete your look with a smile!

Which hair accessory and hairstyle do you like the most?

Feel free to share your thoughts and fashion tips this holiday in the comment box below!

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