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Winter Wedding High End Hair Accessories To Try

Getting married during winter is like a dream.

The air is crisp, snow is falling, and everything else seems magical. And when you thought nothing else would it make it more beautiful, think again.

Other than the winter vibe, what would make this nuptial more enchanting are the wedding hair accessories to match your bridal gown.

Whether you want your hair down or up, high end hair accessories can definitely make you stand out from the crowd. That might mean wearing ice crystal hair clip sets, snowflake-inspired headband, or other embellishment of your choice.

If you’re a winter bride and looking for wedding hair inspirations that would match your theme, then this post is perfect for you!

The Perfect Winter Wedding High End Hair Accessories For You

Crystal Tiara

Opting for pretty loose curls for your wedding?

Spray some dry shampoo before having your hair done to add texture. You can also use some bobby pins to keep your pretty curls in place. Of course, finish your look with something elegant, such as a crystal tiara.

the atara designer headband
the atara crystal winter designer headband

Snowflake-Inspired Clips

Wedding messy hair bun is always a top choice. Not only is it beautiful, it’s also not time-consuming. No wonder this is a go-to hairstyle for special occasions… or even during regular days and you want to look special.

To create a winter-y vibe, you can add a snowflake-inspired hair clip on one side of your hair for that sophisticated look.

Flower Hair Garland

When you want to wear your hair down during your wedding, you can make it seriously fab by either adding curls or waves or by flaunting it’s natural texture.

The free-flowing mane makes everything more romantic and of course, you can make it even more glamorous by wearing a floral hair garland. 

The Rose Bud Designer Hair Garland

Velvet Bow Headband

When in doubt, wear pink. Well, this might be a bold move, especially since weddings are normally in white or cream tone. However, if you’re the type that often goes the extra mile, you can consider this option.

Not only is a velvet headband feminine, it also looks festive. Perfect for the winter and the coming holidays.

pretty pink velvet designer headband

High End Gold Hair Clips

When you want a fail-proof way to look extra glamorous at your wedding, high end gold hair clips are the best choice! It complements almost any hairstyle, may it be loose curls, messy bun, or au naturel.

You can even go for braids or fishtail and add the clips at the back of your head.

gold amor designer hair clip

Crystal Headband

Fully handcrafted designer headband designed to make your winter wedding dream come true. Whether you plan to wear your hair down or up, this stunning piece is created for every winter wedding queen.

laelyn crystal designer headband

French Comb

What better way to celebrate a winter wedding than to style your mane with snowflakes. Impossible? With the right crystal french comb, it is possible!

Whether it’s a high ponytail or a low chignon you’re sporting, one of the best high end hair accessories you can pair it with is a crystal french comb.

abela crystal designer headband

Did we miss anything? 

If you have your favorite winter wedding hair accessories we haven’t mentioned, please feel free to share it in the comment box below.


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