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Tips For Planning A Successful Kid’s Birthday Party - Celebrity-Inspired Tips And Tricks

Tips For Planning A Successful Kid’s Birthday Party - Celebrity-Inspired Tips And Tricks

Having a birthday party is one of the most exciting parts of childhood (and even adulthood).

The gifts, the food, the crowd -- it’s just too fun to think about. However, it’s setting it up can be overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time.

So, if you’re planning to prepare a birthday party for your child that would stand out, be sure to get a paper ready and take note of these tips.

Tips For Planning A Successful Kid’s Birthday Party

Tip No. 1: Choose A Theme

If you want to provide an amazing experience to your child and your guests, setting up a theme can create an impressive vibe. 

It can be as simple as choosing a motif for the party or as extravagant as picking your child’s favorite movie as its theme. We can’t help but love Jessica Simpson’s Moana-themed party, by the way


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Tip No. 2: Focus On Your Decor

Having eye-catching decor doesn’t have to be expensive. All you need is the ability to mix-and-match the right colors. For a kid’s party, using vibrant tones is popular but you can also make black and white playful. 

You can take a look at this zebra-theme birthday party for inspiration.

Pro Tip: Before you crash the grocery store, create a list of all the decor you need, such as plates, spoons and forks, straws, cups, balloons, etc.

Speaking of balloons, it seems like it’s one of the trends in birthday parties now so be sure to take a look at a few inspo you can consider for your kid’s special day. No matter how big or small the party is, balloons just make it ten times better.

Tip No. 3: Write A Guest List

Creating a guest list is important to keep track of all the guests you’ll be having on your child’s birthday. This will help you know if space, food, and the souvenirs you have are enough. 

You can do it old school -- like using a pen and paper to write your RSVP or you can use other programs, apps, or even Facebook to track your attendees. Be sure to notify your guests in advance about the date, motif, and other party-related details in advance and check whether who’s coming or not. 

Tip No. 4: Pick A Party Venue 

Once you’re done with the guest list and you know what theme you’re going to have for your little one, the next step is to choose the right venue. 

Let’s say you want a mermaid-themed party for your kid, then that might mean that you’ll be needing a pool. If you have one at your home, the next thing to consider is the number of attendees. Are they going to fit inside your house or do you need a bigger venue? 

In case you’re planning to do the party outside your home, be sure to book the venue in advance and get all the details you need for your child’s special day. 

Tip No. 5: Create Party Invitations 

Gone are the days when invitations are only handmade. Now, it can be sent via email, Facebook, or almost any digital platform online. So, as part of your birthday preparation, figure out what you and your kid want for their event. 

Do you want is customized or printed? How should it look like? Do you want it printed on white cardstock or something unique, like this one from Pinterest? 

Tip No. 6: Dealing With Presents

Before the big day, you and your child should talk about the presents. Normally, gifts are opened after the event but in case your kid decided to open it up while the party is still going on, remind them about saying “thank you.”

pretty in pink children charm bracelets

Tip No. 7: Select The Music

What’s a party without music?

A few days before the occasion, finalize your kid’s birthday plan -- and that includes the music that will be played on the event. Make a list of the songs and the equipment, such as the speakers that will be used.

Are you going to have a karaoke party? If yes, where will you set it up? How many microphones do you need? Who’s in charge of it?

Tip No. 8: Choose The Cake

A birthday party isn’t a birthday party without a cake. Period.

Are you going to bake it or purchase it from your favorite store? Whatever it is, be sure to think of this and let your supplier now months in advance -- just to be sure that it would turn out the way your kid wanted it.

Don’t worry, since you have a theme for your kid’s party now, choosing a cake will be easier this time.

For instance, Kim Kardashian had a Kidchella-theme party for her North (inspired by Coachella) so her cake looks as festive as this!

You can also make your princess' dream unicorn-themed birthday party come true with this pretty cake.


Tip No: 9: Food And Treats

When choosing the food and treats for your kid's party, be sure to consider the rest of the kids as well as the duration of the event. Will it last for a couple of hours or longer? Is there a dish or cuisine that will go with your theme?

You can take a look at this link for kid’s party food inspiration.

Tip No. 10: Activities

Of course, a party can be more fun when you add surprises and activities. Plan which kind of games you’re going to play and who are going to play. Are there going to be activities for kids only or will there be adult games? What prizes are you going to give? Who will host the activities?

Tip No. 11: Your Kid’s OOTD

Last but not least, your little one’s outfit-of-the-day. This is her special day so it’s fair to make her look extra special. Whether she wants to be a Disney Princess, a superhero, or even a unicorn, we guarantee that we have something that would match her attire. 

Whether it’s a headpiece, a necklace, or a ring, we’ve got it all covered!


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    - Thomas Clarence

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